The Puro Del Oro

From the plant to the box

The process of producing cigars is entirely a handcraft based procedure. The beds have to be prepared for seeding which are transplanted. Later on, the plants are topped and suckers removed to increase the plants vitality. After 45 to 90 days later when the plant finally reaches maturity, the crop is harvest leaf by leaf.IMG_0065

The leaves are then strung with cotton thread to form strings and hung to dry for a few months.

Once leaves are cured, they are subject to series of natural fermentation and then graded accordingly to their size and quality.

Now the leaves are ready to be wrapped and rolled. At this stage the leaves are arranged according to thickness and length to match the type of cigar to be made.

The process of rolling a cigar is very delicate issue which must be dealt with sufficient expertise and care. The cigar has to be perfect. Neither too tight nor too loose in order to assure the perfect flavor.

Once the cigars are wrapped and selected according to their colors they are packed in specially decorated cedar boxes. These artistic designs were conceived for the exclusive supply of princes and emperors and remain until today the subject of outstanding collection. 

The Puro del oro senses

Choosing the best cigar isn’t an easy task. The choice of cigar reflects the mood of the smoker, and his environment. It will be very simple if  we dictate some general principals and advise rules to follow but we will be misleading.                                              

The choice of the proper cigar for the proper occasion remains a personal choice and can vary with regards of to the meal you are about to be served or the wine you have chosen. However, detecting a well conserved cigar can be guided if we follow those few sensual principals.

The sight

Regardless of the type cigar, a well conserved Puro Del Oro must have a smooth surface with no major nervures or dark stains. White stains reflect a good maturation and should not alarm you unless they are numerous. A cigar with holes must be rejected.

The touch

If you hold a cigar in your hand it must give a supple and soft feeling. Once you’ve squeezed a well conserved cigar it must not crack between your fingers and must regain its initial shape.

The smell

The smell of a good cigar reflects the aroma and the spicy perfume while a badly conserved one has a dominant insignificant herb smell.

The taste

it is at this level that your choice of a cigar will be affected. You don’t really taste exactly the same flavor twice. The taste varies under many factors all related to the handicraft aspect of the puro del oro production.